Monday, August 9, 2010

Life Changes

Life changes all of the time but recently my life has been on a fast roller coaster ride.
We lost my Brother Martin to a genetic heart related disease. He did not suffer. As it was quick and painless but what a shock. I thought Martin was immortal and he would always be around to tease and push my buttons. It is terrible to lose yet another family member, the first from my generation.
My Fathers siblings are aging yet still around.
Things like this make us pause look around and say what is really important in life. My brother lived a very simple life. As he worked when he wanted and traveled overseas yearly. He made friends easily, people loved himand he made a difference. This made me stop and think what is my purpose in life and do I make a difference ?!
As I work through the grief, I will be posting pages from his memory book that I will passed on to his daughters and grandchildren.
Stay tuned.