Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Madness

Why Tuesday madness?
This is why!

This is Pumpernickel otherwise known as Pumper. She is a rescue cat from our neighbor's back yard. We have a male Tabby same coloring I think they thought she is his offspring. NO. Moo (our male) is fixed so that can't be.

Pumber had many broken ribs a crimped tail no nails and was very sick .

As she uses me for a climbing post this morning I almost wonder why we rescued her. Her Nails grew out and she is as feisty as can be.

She is as sweet as can be most of the time. Our other cat Moo is jealous. Were waiting for the second set of shots to expose the two of them. Wish us luck!

NOW on to the real reason for this post some of my latest artwork created as the new kitten distracts me.

From Close to my Heart:Key to My Heart

Colors: CremeBrule, Tulip Juniper and Juniper ( my new favorite colors)

I wanted to post these before they go off in the mail this morning on my way to work.
Till next time,
Keep stamping and Creating.

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