Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy 2011

Here we are a few days into the New Year. I look back and think what happened to 2010?

It passed so quickly I feel like I watched a movie on fast forward.

There were sad times and good!

I want to focus on the good.

I have lost nearly 40 pounds now and feel so much healthier.

Oh yes for the first time ever I can wear a size 6 jean! (Ok not the slim painted on ones but the more age appropriate!)

Eventually I will post photos of the newer healthier me. I discovered a new love "Zumba" a Latin based dance aerobics class.

Because of working out, I can now walk up the 4 flights of steps to my unit at my workplace with out getting out of breath. (What a accomplishment!) Because of my brother's death most of my family has had a test called a echo cardiogram mine was a little scary the Cardiologist thought she saw a leaky valve and ordered a Stress echo cardiogram. That is a Treadmill test with a sonogram included I'm proud to say I passed with flying colors, at the time not passing out was my goal. Amazingly I did so well the cardiologist claimed I am I'm better shape than most of my co-workers. ( That makes me proud hard work paying off.)

My Goals this Year are:

  1. Maintain my weight loss perhaps lose 5-10 pounds more.

  2. Continue to exercise, adding more focus on strength training.

  3. Schedule more creative time.

  4. Workshops at least every other month

  5. Post here more often.
Until later today with my first art work of the YEAR 20011

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