Sunday, July 13, 2014

I'm Back!!

So much has gone on in my life.
Time has flown by!
Its like going to the dentist and you swear you were there yesterday and they say no your last appointment was 2 years ago. Really? 2 years am I in some sort of time warp?
Well after many health issues personal changes  I am back to blogging and getting some sort of organization in my life. Hah!!

Well how about I start with the most wonderful thing that has happened!
I met this wonderful man (Harry) and we now share a residence in Galt, California a sorta sleepy city south of Sacramento. I am so Happy!!
This was taken at my Dad's wedding reception in Bull Head city Arizona. A cute Grill and Bar called Lazy Harry's.
Now that we are settled we are gardening, remodeling, crafting, traveling and keeping fit!
Harry goes to my zumba classes and we have a fun time burning the calories!

Stay tuned....

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