Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Birthday around the corner!

Yes another year older!

I've been sitting on my behind too much and my gym membership is collecting dust.

As one comedian calls it Fat tax!! To pay for a gym membership and not go, yes crazy!!

Enough of that! I renewed my interest in and vow to be more active.

I have pulled out a project I started 1 year ago called 21 days why 21 days?
It takes 21 days to make a habit so today is Day number 1!! This web page
that I found that explains this and helped me understand goal setting.

This will be a booklet that I can refer to on my quick 21 day journey to begin to get healthy. I have daily inspiration on each days page and I will journal with hidden journals for thoughts and goals.

I created this from last years serendipity paper pack and stamp set. Although this set is not available for purchase we have several similar flower sets.Colors: all CTMH: Dutch blue, Chocolate, Bamboo and Daisy white.

Stamps:CTMH Serendipity, Rustic numbers and June.

I used my cricut and cuttlebug to create the frame and emboss.

I also used a technique we call kissing to create the texture on the rustic numbers.

Here I used some computer journaling using my rbc codes to make the printer ink coordinate with my CTMH papers. This page is my goals and my why, next I will journal my How with my graphs of measurments and perhaps other goals I am going to avoid the scale it make me crazy!!


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